Healthcare Talent Acquisition

Our mission is to be the most agile, reliable, and responsive provider of healthcare talent in both the commercial and military healthcare markets, and our unique recruiting methodology enables us to do so on a 24/7 basis.

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  • Hospitals and Clinics:
    • On-site hospital and clinic staffing for:
      • Nursing (all levels)
      • Physicians (all specialties)
      • Advanced Practice Providers
      • Allied Health
    • Executive Leadership & Management: Chief X Officers, Medical Directors, Director of Nursing, etc.
  • Behavioral Health for both in-person and virtual:
    • Support for treatment centers including Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Behavioral Health Counselors and Supervisors for adults and adolescents across the country.
    • Successful experience building nationwide behavioral telehealth networks of counselors and psychiatrists.
  • Digital Health:
    • Support hiring for management, marketing, human resources, IT, and clinical roles.

Our commitment to excellence falls on six core tenets and services that our clients value most: Streamlined Process, Speed, Quality, Accepted Offers, Longevity, and Ability to Find New Talent. We believe in the ethos that every client deserves custom Talent Acquisition solutions – tailored specifically to your needs. We deliver quality resources on-time.

Please note that our Talent Management Center (TMC) website is currently under construction. Please click this link to check out our current TMC landing page and government and commercial services. Talent Management Center