11th Hour Service’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) offering includes services that focus specifically on enhancing the Chief Operating Officer, or Secretary/Agency Head, community within our clients – regardless of if your ERM function resides within the COO, CFO, or other office. The intent behind this approach is that we feel the ERM function should reside in the office who has the best ERM Champion. However, where the program resides does not change the intent of the ERM program. Our goal is to design the ERM program to serve the greater agency, thereby serving the Agency Head. This includes, but is not limited to:

We have developed a modular approach to ERM that is specifically designed for the Public Sector. While it leverages best practices from both Public and Private sectors, it was designed with the Government in mind. It accomplishes this by being a capability based model that focuses on what an Agency’s ERM program is able to accomplish, such as how well the agency was able to manage risks within their tolerance. The model is not merely a check-the box approach that focuses on what an Agency’s ERM program has, such as “we have a CRO”, “we have a risk profile”, or “we have a Risk Appetite Statement.”