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Our Talent Team

Talent can mean different things for many people. To us, quality-driven, integrity and accountability, initiative, effective communication, collaboration, enterprise awareness, and professionalism are words that come to mind when we think of talent. There will be various technical aspects of different positions, but when our career coaches and our leadership team are searching for talent; those are the qualities that we do not compromise on.

11th Hour Service began in 2006 as an executive head hunting and staffing firm – 11th Hour Search. With this background we quickly developed a unique, proactive, and swift proprietary talent identification process. A few years later the firm transitioned to an advisory firm – 11th Hour Service. While we are no longer a firm focused on head hunting and staffing, the capabilities remain. We have retained a large talent acquisition team that is able to help customers identify and onboard the industries best talent in a short amount of time using the highly successful proprietary process we developed long ago.

My experience when I joined 11th Hour Service was really enlightening. I’m contacted by recruiters and headhunters on a regular basis, all with the same basic message of ‘I’ve got a position open that you would be great to fill’, or in other words they are thinking of the position they need to fill before the employee. Through working with 11th Hour Service, the discussions were always focused around what I want to do with my career, what’s important to me, and where do I see myself. It wasn’t until later in the process where a role was created for me. One that created a balance of what I wanted to do, and meeting the needs of the business. I could not have been a better experience, and I wasn’t aware that firms cared as much about their employees until I joined 11th Hour Service.


Not your typical recruiting experience. The recruiting team is very knowledgeable and understands the varied range of emotions that arise when making life-changing career choices. They are not just trying to “sell” you on the opportunity, but to help you navigate through the overall decision-making process associated with a career change.


The 11th Hour team is phenomenal. I’m grateful to work for this team of leaders. My interaction with Stephen, Alin and Dave has always been positive, friendly and professional. When transitioning between projects Dave has always kept communication with me open and supportive. I’ve been with 11th Hour for 6 years and have no regrets for my decision to stay with the company.

Senior Consultant

The team is there for you. They make sure you have everything you need to do the best job possible for the client. You don’t just hear from them the first day you start a project. I hear from them almost weekly and can reach out anytime.

Senior Consultant

My transition from my older job, into 11th Hour Service, was not only informative but incredibly heartwarming, in terms of an on-boarding. Alin and I spoke for an hour in length of his and Stephens company, the vision, its goals and their passions. After this, Alin lined me up with more of the team to get more info on the job, day to day work, etc. so I could make an appropriate decision. This made it a lot easier for me to make a decision. Thus far, the whole team has been very accommodating and welcoming. I have enjoyed every bit of the transition.

Career Coach