11th Hour Service Volunteers and Donates to Boulder Crest Foundation to Drive Awareness and Support

11th Hour Service Volunteers and Donates to Boulder Crest Foundation to Drive Awareness and Support

11th Hour Service is proud to announce its continued and impactful partnership with Boulder Crest Foundation, a leading organization providing transformative support to Veterans, first responders, and their families.

Since 2021, 11th Hour Service has been actively volunteering at Boulder Crest Foundation events, and in the past year alone, our dedicated employees have donated over $5,000 through our Community Paycheck Donation Program.

Recognizing the value of time and the geographical spread of our team, we introduced the Community Paycheck Donation Program to provide an alternative means of support. This initiative allows employees to automatically donate pre-tax dollars from their paychecks, ranging from $1 to $50.

Boulder Crest Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Bluemont, Virginia, dedicated to supporting combat veterans, first responders, and their families who have experienced trauma. Founded by Ken and Julia Falke in 2010, the foundation operates with the mission of transforming the lives of these individuals through the proven science of Posttraumatic Growth (PTG)​ (Wikipedia)​​ (HU2H)​.

The organization provides several transformative programs, including the Warrior PATHH (Progressive and Alternative Training for Healing Heroes) program, which offers intensive, immersive training to help participants thrive in the aftermath of trauma. Boulder Crest also established the Boulder Crest Institute for Posttraumatic Growth, which focuses on developing, delivering, and scaling PTG-based programs and advancing the science of PTG globally​ (Wikipedia)​.

Through these efforts, Boulder Crest Foundation aims to empower veterans and first responders to turn their struggles into strength and achieve lifelong growth, ultimately leading healthier and more fulfilling lives​ (HU2H)​.

For more information, you can visit their official website.

We are forever grateful for our firm’s ability to engage with these communities, and excited for the continued growth of our Community Paycheck Donation Program. With our recent attendance to the National Veteran Small Business Coalition #VETS24 program, these opportunities and relationship continue to be some of the most important relationships we have and will continue to nurture.

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